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Free App with His Beloved Music to go!

Would you like to have all our music in your pocket, in one central place? We present to you "Company 42", your free App, which you can download and freely access all of His Beloved music completely free of charge, in a super simple orderly way. No more wading through YouTube or trying to find that song somewhere on your phone or computer. Now that's good news!

We have many new tracks that we're working on, and yes, we're excited to share them with you. It's a much simpler process to upload them on this app, and for you to access them too, so please take advantage of our hard work and investment, and download "Company 42" today!

There's also teaching and videos on the App, plus an Audio Bible, so get stuck in and check it out!

"Company 42" is available via all major App Stores, including Apple and Google Play.

To get started just hit the links above, or search for Co 42 and hit 'download'. May it be a blessing to you, and if you wish to help us cover the costs and support us, why not consider 'buying us a coffee' with a monthly donation of whatever you can afford.

With love and blessings to you,


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