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Heavenly Help

Several weeks ago during worship we began spontaneously crying out to the Lord in song, to pour water on this dry ground. As was the praying theme of Isaiah 44:3 through which the revival broke out on the Isle of Lewis in 1949-52, so our cry goes out for our nation.

This weekend we've seen beacons being lit across the high places of the United Kingdom, even on Hadrian's Wall, marking the Queen's platinum jubilee. The longest reigning Monarch with 70 years on the throne. Imagine if the fires of true prayer and repentance were burning across the nations now, and I'm talking about the churches of our nations.

We can't expect God to bless our nation while the church stays silent on the shedding of innocent blood, and while the church participates in the reinventing of God's laws and decrees.

So yes, this song is unashamedly repentant, and through it we raise an alarm for God's people to call on the Lord in great humiliity and desperation. We need heavenly help, we need Heaven's intervention, and we need the Fear of the Lord.

I love how my brother Martin's guitars weep at some points, at other times they raise a siren, and they also bring in the powerful vibrations of a great holy tidal wave of God's mercy and Fear of the Lord that we so need. I also love both my brother's voices as we unite across our nations in repentance and desperation for Him.

Even after spending many hours working on this song, recording it, arranging it, and then working on the video, It still moves me to tears, as I feel the Spirit of God wanting to bring His earthly priesthood into a place of prayer and intercession on behalf of the nation in which we live. I want to thank my dear niece Elisabeth for her worshipful dance included in the video, it really touches me and flows with the song's sentiment of humility and desperation for God to intervene.

I hope this song blesses and moves you too.

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