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Songs of Deliverance

Hey welcome to this blog! I just wanted to share something with you. Actually I have LOADS I want to share with you, but I'll stick to this one for point now! :)

This instrumental / vocal creation is the result of a prayer session we had back in October at Bushfire, where spontaneously the words 'I am your hiding place' came to me with this melody. I really felt the Lord wants us, His people, to not only lean into Him and hide ourselves in Him as the storms rage, but that as we hide in Him, so can we then become a hiding place and a refuge for others... not only that, but His songs of deliverance are being sung over us.

I was reminded of Corrie Ten Boom, The Hiding Place, which I read as a child and which greatly impacted me. As we progress more into the end of days, we will see great persecution come upon the earth, specifically against the 'people of The Covenant'. We must learn now to hide ourselves in Him, not to fear the days ahead but to advance with joy and energy! Allow His words of truth and love to wash over us, as He sings over us songs of deliverance. How beautiful, powerful, loving and faithful is our God.

I hope the track blesses you, and that you can enter into the same prophetic declaration for your nation, your city, and even just on behalf of your own household as you hear it! May you become a hiding place for others, your thoughts and words and prayers be as songs of deliverance over others, as you release the heart and will of God. But remember, you also need to receive this from our heavenly Father for yourself too! :)

This is another family creation, my brother Stephen and his wife Carol from South Africa have loaned me their beautiful voices, and stunning guitars from my brother Martin in Germany. Big thank you!

May we all, as one big family of God be ready for the coming days, and enter them with great joy & peace, and even join Heaven's liberating songs of deliverance.

Be blessed greatly!

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