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Heidi wrote these lyrics and music in response to learning about the Ketubah covenant of marriage that God is setting before the Bride of Christ. 

This song began as a thought and a tune. What followed was layer upon layer of melody, harmony, instrument and vocals, from across nations and continents, to bring this dramatisation of a chapter out of the greatest love story ever told.

Thanking family members and friends who participated!

Copyright 2020 Heidi Tiplady Any unauthorised broadcasting, public performance, copying or re-recording will constitute an infringement of copyright
Copyright © 2020 All rights reserved.

Spirit and the Bride (Feat. His Beloved, Heidi Tiplady, Martin Bankart, Stephen Bankart)
Vocals: Heidi Tiplady, Martin Bankart, Stephen Bankart
Oboe: Young-Guk Lee | Violin: Camilla Johnston | Piano & Arrangement: Heidi Tiplady
Words and Music: Heidi Tiplady
Choreography & Dance: Eliana Bankart | Style Design & Set Designer: Natascha Bankart | Potter and pottery creations: Ulrike Bankart |
Camera work: Rupert Bankart, Isaac Bankart
Illustration of Graphic Video Surround: Carol Bankart | Graphic Design: Stephen Bankart
Concept & Video Edit: Heidi Tiplady | Words & Music: Heidi Tiplady


Who doesn't want to be wildly loved?! Giving love is always risky, what if you are rejected? I know of someone who paid for it with his life. But maybe it's better to have loved at whatever the cost than to have lived and died but have never loved... I wanna say a big thank you to everyone who listens and loves.


Music, lyrics, arrangement, vocals and all instruments: Martin Bankart​...

video: Colin Bankart​... mix &

mastering: Marcello Romanelli


A collaboration between Dr Howard Morgan who wrote these lyrics under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit while visiting a gathering at Bushfire Ministries, and Heidi Tiplady who put the words to music.

This recording took place across three nations, with video footage from across five nations, and edited in Sheffield England.

Lyrics: Dr Howard Morgan

Music: Heidi Tiplady
Vocals & Piano: Heidi Tiplady
All other instruments: Martin Bankart
Additional Vocals: Martin Bankart, Stephen Bankart

We present to you Disciple of the King (Original version).

Available for download now for £1 or 'Pay as you Feel' basis. 

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