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How can such a deep and life changing revelation be unpacked in a paragraph? Well it can't!
But through words, images, visuals and music, we believe it can.

Andy began teaching on the significance of the ancient Jewish wedding ceremony during 2020, and awakened many to the most beautiful love story ever told.

Heidi was smitten with the beauty of the Ketubah covenant that God has set before His Bride to be, and felt compelled to write the song "Spirit and the Bride", and to create a website dedicated to this topic.

True love for the Lord is what will help a remnant body of people to not only endure the days ahead, but be victorious and be that faithful Bride, with hearts that do not grow cold. The Scriptures are very clear that there will be a great falling away in the days to come. Andy and Heidi want to do all that they can, to call the Bride of Christ into a place of deep committed love for the Lord, and for the lamp to be kept burning for the coming Bridegroom King.

Now, more than ever, we cannot allow our oil to run dry. Like the five wise virgins described by Jesus in Matthew 25, we need to be watchful and ready, with oil to spare.

From the beginning of Genesis, through to the final chapter of the book of Revelation, the entire Scriptures reveal God's desire to have a Bride for His Son.

Over the course of time, we hope to unpack this beautiful story through word, music, video and other art forms. Thank you for joining!





Andy & Heidi Tiplady
Sheffield, England. 

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