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Anachnu omrim shalom al Yerushalayim

Updated: Jan 9

We speak peace over Jerusalem, we speak peace over the land.


As we approach the dawn of 2024, a tiny nation, called and chosen by God is still reeling under the attrocities, and fighting for their existance under the ongoing threat of Hamas and Iran backed terror organisations. The media war deceives many, including many Christians who are called to join in prayer for God's people, His land, and to see that His eternal purposes are accomplished.

Yes, we are not alone in praying for Israel, but it feels as though we are greatly outnumbered.

After writing this simple song a few months ago, it became an urgency to record this both as a prayer and also to show our solidarity with Israel. Joined by many Christians in the UK, we sing and declare peace over Jerusalem and the land of Israel as Psalm 122 instructs us.

This extended version includes a truly anointed prayer by Gordon Beattie, inspired by Isaiah 61, and is sung by more voices than I can count, not to mention shofars confirming the call to pray!

May this be a blessing to you, and sing with us in English and in Hebrew, as we pray for God's protection and deliverance from her enemies. God has a plan for Israel, and we the church do not replace His promises for Israel. We are those wild olives that Paul speak of in Romans 11:16-18. Therefore let us join together and support God's plans and purposes, after all, there will be a day when all of Israel will be saved, and we don't want to stand in the way. Rather, joining with other Believers in Jesus, we want to comfort His people, Isaiah 40.

Wishing you all every blessing for 2024, and thank you for staying connected with His Beloved Generation.

Every blessing.

"We speak peace" available on Spotify, iTunes and all the music distributors under the artist name 'His Beloved Generation'.

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